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Translator's Home Office Ergonomics

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing about improving my office ergonomics for some time now. Since it’s been months (sic!) since I wrote my last post, the time has finally come. Why bother with office ergonomics? The first time I got a big translation project (we’re talking working …

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Time and task management (post-conference thoughts)

This is the second post in my series following a translation conference held in Warsaw, Poland on the first weekend of October. Today I am going to talk about time and task management and refer to Monika Rozwarzewska’s excellent presentation entitled “Umiejętne zarządzanie środowiskiem pracy tłumacza” (“Effective management of translator’s working …

Post-translation conference thoughts (new post series!)

I’ve just come back from Poland, where last weekend I attended a conference entitled “Translation and Localisation Market in Poland” organised by LSP Software. The conference allowed me to mingle with other language professionals, be it freelancers or translation agency representatives, and to listen to presentations delivered by both language …

How To Organise Your Home Workplace

Having worked in an office on a 9-5 basis, I think the beauty of going freelance is being able to work from home. But in order to do that, I had to organise myself in such a way that would be practical, convenient and motivating me to work.