Best Christmas and 2014 wishes from Anna Lycett, KeyCheck Translation

Goodbye 2013, hello 2014!

We’re saying goodbye to 2013 now. So it’s this time of the year when I look back at what I achieved and what my plans are for the following year.

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  3. “Ponglish”, or the influence of English on Polish (post-conference thoughts)

Top projects and events

The year was quite intense, with January seeing me subtitling 13 episodes of a great Polish TV series, Paradoks, into English. A fabulous project full of murder, suspense and some pretty good acting (including one of my favourite Polish actors, Bogusław Linda).

In the following months joining the Search Laboratory’s vibrant team here in Leeds was certainly a highlight – I updated my knowledge of current internet marketing methods and approaches and met some great people. I like doing a bit of SEO/PPC/content work every now and then and consider it an important way of diversifying my linguistic services.

I also completed the Introduction to Psychology course offered by Steve Joordens and his team from the University of Toronto Scarborough on Coursera. What exciting, knowledge-filled 8 weeks they were! I passed the course with distinction, something I’m very proud of. I highly recommend doing Coursera courses as part of your CPD or a way of specialising. Do remember, however, that they will really take the time that the course leaders say they will! So if you set your heart on completing a course… you have been warned.

The summer saw me labouring with a paint brush in my hand due to an office move and restoration, which took absolutely forever. But now we have a great, almost organised office, so it was really worth it!

In autumn, I spent October on a larger project which required me to work in a group of five translators, having to decide amongst ourselves upon terminology (not always easy, as it turned out!) and revise each other’s texts. This was a true lesson in effective, professional and polite communications. I felt rather proud that despite any moaning and grunting that I may have done in private, when I was contacting my colleagues or the PMs, I always stayed as cool as a cucumber and always acted professionally. After all, I am a professional and believe that everyone who contacts me with regards to my business deserves proper treatment!

Funnily enough, December is seeing me subtitling another 13 episodes of a popular Polish TV series full of tension and murder but until this is released, I shall say no more on the subject…

All in all, 2013 has been a cracking year.

2014 Resolutions

I know that 2014 is going to bring some changes to my lifestyle and for quite a lot of the year I will be on leave (yes, this is good news!) but I still hope to fulfil my three New Year resolutions.

These are:

  1. To read more books on the subject of translation and my speciality areas (marketing on- and offline, business, market research, communications);
  2. To become more active as a Translator without Borders and Rosetta Foundation volunteer translator, especially when I have a bit of free time during my leave;
  3. To continue learning French and Spanish, which I haven’t paid much attention to lately.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Best Christmas and 2014 wishes from Anna Lycett, KeyCheck Translation

What are your 2014 translation resolutions? What are your 2013 highlights? Please share in your comments!

Also, feel free to have a chat on Twitter – you can find me at @keycheck_t9n. I’d love to hear from you!

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